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About Find-a-Fountain

Water, water everywhere…unfortunately most of it is in those nasty disposable bottles. “Nasty…whyʼs that?” you say. “Isnʼt bottled water terribly good for us?” The water may be, but the disposable bottles are most certainly terrible - an environmental disaster no less.

Bottled water badness

Every year 150 billion plastic bottles are just flung away, without so much as a when or a why. They are not recycled so most end up in landfills, rivers or on our lovely beaches. This is why OHyo Ltd and The Drinking Fountain Association put their noggins together and came up with the Find-a-Fountain charity.

OUR Cunning Plan

Our aim at Find-a-Fountain is quite simple. We want to reduce the environmental damage caused by those pesky plastic bottles. We plan to achieve this in two ways:
1. Encourage the nation to drink more water from fountains (and taps) and less from those blasted bottles.
2. Increase the number of free water sources across the nation and make them easier to find.